CATIA V5-6R conlleva una mayor excelencia de diseño

Con esta versión, las ventajas de las funcionalidades de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se ponen a disposición en una colaboración transparente con V5-6R.


Las funcionalidades de colaboración mediante las redes sociales, gestión empresarial y creación de paneles de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se pueden emplear para respaldar procesos mediante el conjunto de herramientas V5-6R.

CATIA - Freestyle Optimizer 2 (FSO)
Extend the shape and surface modelling functions of CATIA - Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS) to the morphing of complex, multi-surfaces shapes
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA - Freestyle Optimizer 2 (FSO) extends the shape and surface modeling functions of CATIA - Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS) to the morphing of complex, multi-surface shapes. Designers can globally change multiple surfaces as if they were a single patch while preserving the previously prescribed design characteristics. The system is able to match an established design to fit other geometry such as a physical mock-up scan. To verify the quality of surface designs, users can conduct a virtual showroom inspection with real-life cubing visualized by computed reflect lines from a neon row.

Product Highlights

  • Enables morphing of complex, multi-surface shapes
  • Globally modifies multiple surface parts as a single patch while preserving design characteristics
  • Modifies predefined designs to fit physical mock-up scan data
  • Portrays reflect lines produced from a virtual neon row for real-life showroom surface inspection
  • Extends the capabilities of FreeStyle Shaper 2
  • Offers the same ease of use and user interface consistency as all CATIA V5 applications

Product Key Customer Benefits

Multi-Surface Configuration and Diagnosis . The CATIA FreeStyle Optimizer 2 (FSO) product extends the capabilities of FreeStyle Shaper 2 to morphing complex, multi-surface shapes. Real-life cubing simulation with virtual neon row reflections allows designers to quickly check their surface designs.

Complex Shape Deformation... Designers working with multiple surface parts such as car bumpers, dashboards, or other complex styled shapes, can globally modify the shape while preserving design characteristics. FreeStyle Optimizer 2 dynamically changes the multiple surfaces as if they were a single patch, yet all previously established design constraints such as point, tangent and curvature continuity remain the same during the deformation. The system also provides dynamic features to drag multi-surface shapes along one or two guiding surfaces while preserving Class A quality.

Conformation To Alternate Geometry... FreeStyle Optimizer 2 can conform an established design to other geometry such as digitized data from a physical mock-up scan. The system modifies curves to fit a linear cloud of points and surfaces to a network of curves or a bi-dimensional cloud of points. Predefined constraints like point, tangent or curvature continuity at the boundaries of the deformed element can be imposed. Arc and patch structures from the deformed curve and surface are preserved during the deformation process.

Virtual Showroom Inspection... Designers can check with high accuracy and realism the quality of their surfaces within a virtual showroom simulator. The system depicts real-life cubing in a physical showroom through the computation of reflect lines produced from a virtual neon row. Users can dynamically change the number, spacing and orientation of the neon lights to obtain the best surface reflection. The viewpoint of the reflect line can be dependent or frozen for detailed inspection.

FreeStyle Shaper 2 Integration... FreeStyle Optimizer 2 takes full advantage of FreeStyle Shaper 2 capabilities. Users can continue to do hybrid modeling of free-form shapes with mechanical features and interoperate with Version 4 data.

Ease Of Use... In addition to the unique ease of use of CATIA version 5, FreeStyle Shaper 2 offers a fast, keyboard free, sketch-like surface manipulation allowing designers to unleash their creativity while sculpting shapes.