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DELMIA - DPM Engineering Requirements Planner 2 (EIP)
DPM Engineering Requirements Planner provides 3D-based electronic planning and reconciliation of design engineering requirements eliminating the need for paper based planning and reconciliation analysis.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

The DPM Engineering Requirements Planner provides capability to precisely plan and reconcile the engineering requirements in a single software environment. This planning and review capability allows the user to prove that the Manufacturing Planning group has accounted for all specifications and engineering requirements set forth by the Design Engineering group.

Engineering requirements are planned details of the part or product including any design detail that must be completed in the manufacture process. This includes specific physical tasks and adherence to tolerances that the design engineer has provided.

Automatic reconciliation allows the manufacturing engineer to confirm that all engineering requirements have been consumed by the process. This also allows the manufacturing engineer to check for partial and complete implementation of engineering requirements.

  • Complete implementation of engineering requirements: All details and processes required to manufacture the product or assembly have been accounted for in the process plan. .
  • Partial implementation: If an engineering requirement spans more than one station Engineering Requirements Planner will keep track of the non-assigned portions of the process and alert the manufacturing engineer to unconsumed engineering requirements during reconciliation.

Engineering Requirements Planner also provides the capability for the user to automatically replan engineering requirements if the part or product design is changed. This alerts the manufacturing engineer to unplanned processes.

Product Highlights

  • Load engineering requirements

  • Provides an automatic tool for planning engineering requirements

  • Provides an electronic and systematic means to reconcile Engineering Design Requirements with manufacturing planning.

Load engineering requirements
DPM Engineering Requirements Planner allows the user to automatically load only applicable engineering requirements data from the Manufacturing Hub for planning. The user may then select one or more engineering requirements and associate it to one or more processes. This speeds the process as only those engineering requirements required are loaded instead of every piece of engineering requirements data related to the project.

Provides tools for planning engineering requirements
Users may define several types of planning states such as working, integrated and released allowing process planners to have better control and understanding of the maturity of their data. The Engineering requirement planner allows the Manufacturing process planner to 'partially' or 'completely' implement the design Engineering requirements with respect to annotated features and tolerance defined by the design engineer.

Provides an electronic and systematic means to reconcile engineering design requirements with manufacturing planning and runs accountability checks to meet regulations
Allows the manufacturing process planner to partially or completely implement the design engineering requirements with respect to annotated features and tolerances defined by the design engineer. This provides a mechanism for communicating and accounting for the requirements of the design engineer to manufacturing ensuring the requirements has been effectively communicated and adhered to by the manufacturing process planners

Automatic replanning of unchanged engineering requirements
Whenever a part or product containing design engineering requirements undergoes a change management, a mechanism is provided wherein the manufacturing engineer can automatically re-plan all the unchanged engineering requirements to the different processes. This will avoid the extra efforts required by the manufacturing engineer to have to manually plan these engineering requirements again.

Product Key Customer Benefits

Allows customers to move engineering requirement planning from paper-based paradigm to 3D simulation planning paradigm

  • Increases planning accuracy
  • Increases accountability
  • Reduces man hours of planning and reconciliation by performing automatic checks and rechecks.