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DELMIA - DPM Shop Floor Viewer 2 (SHF)
DELMIA DPM Shop Floor Viewer 2 is a graphic touch screen product and process viewer used to provide real time electronic work instructions for the shop floor.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA Digital Process for Manufacturing (DPM) Shop Floor Viewer 2 (SHF) is a powerful digital technology-based tool that provides a rich array of functionality to a worker to assist with production activity. DPM Shop offers data in a visually intuitive, graphically intensive, easy-to-use manner so that the right kinds of data are available to the worker at the right time using the least number of button clicks. The primary goal is to assist the worker so that the work instructions can be delivered with the:

  • Highest level of quality
  • Minimum amount of guesswork
  • Minimum errors arising due to ambiguity in instructions or product data
  • Highest level of conformance with federal regulations for production activities.

DPM Shop makes a powerful set of functionalities available to the worker right at their finger tips. The worker can query and expose information on the desired JOB on an as-needed basis. This makes a vast amount of information available to the worker and yet does not overwhelm the worker with unnecessary data, since the information is delivered only on request.

DPM Shop is intended to work in conjunction with other existing production management software such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES) systems, or ERP. Using standard interfaces, DPM Shop can share data with third-party tools. It also has the capability to be integrated with third-party software tools.

DPM Shop reduces the need for paper-based work instructions which have many drawbacks such as a tendency to be error prone, difficult to correct errors, and make modifications once released bulky, cannot be updated on a real-time basis, limited space for displaying data, no ability to interact with data or expose data on an as-needed basis, and data referenced on paper has to be manually retrieved. The Shop Print Accountability capability allows the user to create reports of complete and incomplete jobs to ensure compliance with FAA regulations.

DPM Shop offers a solution that reduces and even eliminates many of these problems. DPM Shop has been designed to be "Versatile", "Adaptable", and "Scaleable" to fit a variety of production floor environments. These are some of the capabilities of DPM Shop:

  • View and interact with 3D based process and product data
  • View and interact with simulations
  • View work instructions in conjunction with simulation
  • View referenced data through hyperlinks in standard browsers
  • Can be integrated with third party tools such as MES systems or ERP

Product Highlights

  • Delivers 3D based work instructions to the shop floor worker
Delivers simulations, in-context work instructions (as simulation is running, work instructions are updated in tandem).

  • Is integrated with the PPR Hub
DPM Shop can retrieve information from free-standing file systems, or from DELMIA Process Engineer through the PPR Hub.

  • Can be integrated with standard MES systems or ERP

  • Consolidation of all information drawings and engineering information in an easy to use 3D viewer.

  • Shop can be driven from an MES system.
Shop has standard interfaces that allow integration with third party tools. If a user is working with a third party MES system, they may load or close a job in Shop using commands in the MES system. A user can also switch between jobs within the MES system and synchronize to a step within a job.

  • View and interact with 3D based process and product data
The worker can query product data and expose the attributes of the part as the information is required. The worker can view tolerance data, annotations, and flag notes for the parts.

When DMU Space Analysis product license is available, the worker can interact with the 3D data and measure the part.

  • Touch screen compatible GUI
Shop can be driven entirely with a mouse, many functionalities are also migrated to a touch screen interface.

Product Key Customer Benefits

Delivers 3D based work instructions to the shop floor worker and consolidates all legacy data and third party tools information
DPM Shop leverages 100% of process planning and product information to the shop floor. Previously, much of the planning and product data created in the design of the product and process would be lost in transfer of the information to the shop floor. The legacy paper based systems were limited in the ability to update the information provided to the shop floor due to the cost and scale of reproducing the paper instructions for each change. There was only so much information listed in the paper information because only so much information could be included on a drawing or specification sheet. In the DPM Shop world 100 % of the planning and product data is available to the shop floor worker through queries of the information on the work station screen.

Shop can be driven from an MES system.
Many MES systems are already implemented and exist on the shop floor, but they do not provide 3D data. Using DPM Shop allows customers to keep their legacy MES system and improve the 3D data delivery to shop floor workers improving quality and conformance to the process plan. DPM shop has interfaces that can tie to any third party MES tool.

View and interact with 3D based process and product data
Shop allows the worker to view the provided data as they require the data while performing the job. The worker can access all data as required, but is not required to view all the data at once. The worker can pick and choose the information they need as they need it. This allows the worker to find the specific information they need for the job at hand without digging through much of the information that they do not need. The work instructions and 3D information are updated simultaneously and kept in sync as the worker steps through the job.

Touch screen compatible GUI
DPM shop may be mouse driven allowing shops that do not have touch screen capability to use this powerful tool.

With the touch screen capability, a mechanic with a tablet pc with touch screen capability can dock their pc, pick up the job data from a docking station, then go to the work area, complete the portion of the job by driving DPM shop with the touch screen. Once the job is completed, they can return to the docking station and load data for the next job. This is useful if a worker is working in an inaccessible place such as an airplane wing, or other places where paper instructions are inconvenient.