LG Electronics Standardizes on Dassault Systemes PLM Solution to Drive Global Collaboration and Speed Design Innovation

ENOVIA Becomes LG’s Standard Enterprise Platform to Support 12,000 Users Implementing “Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere” Strategy

LOWELL, Mass., December. 13, 2007- Dassault Systèmes (DS) (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today announced a major software and services contract to implement 12,000 seats of its ENOVIA® PLM suite for South Korean electronics conglomerate LG Electronics. The $38.5 billion international corporation will deploy ENOVIA MatrixOne solutions to streamline product design processes and promote innovation across its 40 global R&D centers (including 35 R&D & five Design Centers) and 36 manufacturing facilities and strengthen its market leadership in the highly competitive global electronics market. LG, the world's largest producer of CDMA handsets, residential air conditioners, plasma panels, optical storage products, and DVD players, will use ENOVIA MatrixOne as a central repository for all of its product information.

Centralizing product information will make cross-functional innovation faster and easier by giving development teams an arena for viewing and commenting on each others’ work. It will also support a “design anywhere, manufacture anywhere” strategy and enable the company to scale to meet expanding market opportunities while enforcing consistent development processes for LG’s facilities all over the world.

“LG Electronics is fully committed to GSI (Global Single Instance) of enterprise-wide backbone systems to establish IT infrastructure where Global Operation and Management are supported effectively. To this end, LGE decided to implement a new PDM system supporting global product development with ENOVIA PLM. This is an important step forward from the existing PLM systems per business unit,” said Tae Keuk Kim, CIO, LG Electronics. “With the change, R&D organizations across the world can follow a globally standardized best process and share information on any change in the product development process real-time. We expect significant improvement in time-to-market of new products and great reduction in product development cost.”

“With global competition, increased supply chain collaboration and renewed pressure on profit margins, LG Electronics understands how critical innovation and collaboration are to maintaining an edge in the consumer electronics market. Companies have to move quickly to design and develop new products in order to maximize the relatively short windows of profitability,” said Joel Lemke, CEO, ENOVIA. “ENOVIA’s approach to product lifecycle management supports LG’s “design anywhere, manufacture anywhere” philosophy by enabling its development teams to collaborate and innovate across geographies and time zones.”

The ENOVIA solution will leverage a broad array of Central products to implement a series of collaborative product development business processes. This approach will facilitate synergies between divisions, improve operational excellence and enhance time to innovation, which will help to significantly reduce the infrastructure costs. As a key component of the “design anywhere, build anywhere” LG will implement Engineering Central, Product Central and Library Central products to streamline design process and promote collaboration between its 40 worldwide research and development centers. To promote greater openness and interoperability LG will deploy the ENOVIA Designer Central product to manage data in a variety of CAD and ECAD applications including Unigraphics  NX3 and NX5, Mentor Graphics, Zuken as well as the suite of Pro/E products from PTC. The ENOVIA solution will also integrate with a variety of enterprise software platforms including Oracle ERP and Microsoft Desktop to facilitate greater collaboration between product engineering and manufacturing operations.

LG plans to complete its ENOVIA implementation in 2008.

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