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We consistently helped smooth the design and development process for medical and surgical solutions tailored to individual patient needs.

Virtual twin of healthcare

Just as there was a time before and a time after the Boeing 777, there will be a time before and a time after the virtual twin of the human body.

Mobilization around healthcare

The transition to genuine precision medicine will transform the way we carry out research and the way we think about data.

When data save lives

Using data that come from various and sometimes heterogeneous origins and sources represents a very promising area of medical research.

Translational medicine, targeted therapies, omics sciences and devices

Through a collaborative network approach, translational medicine and targeted therapies can both be used to accelerate research and develop treatments.

COVID-19 vaccines

Dassault Systèmes’ solutions played a major part in helping to make vaccines available so rapidly.

Healthcare innovations

Discover the latest innovative projects: BioDapt's lower-limb prostheses, DAMAE Medical's device, LUCID Implants, modeling of cardiac configurations...