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Because digital technologies offer a way of developing a more open, collaborative and inclusive kind of medicine, we are there.

A new leader in life sciences

"The aim of using virtual worlds to cure people and help them lead a better life has been driving us for many years. We firmly believe that this requires the virtual twin of the human body – created on our 3DEXPERIENCE platform with its modeling, simulation, data intelligence and collaboration capacities."

Digital transformation and the business of healthcare

Across the industry, from biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to hospital systems and regulators, everyone is seeking the next big technological innovation. But our eyes are on the ultimate prize: to help develop new treatments, enhance care, improve outcomes, maximize efficiency and increase value in our data-powered world.

Improving healthcare by collaborating, learning and practicing

By adopting virtual platforms to connect, link and share data, people working in the healthcare sector will be able to provide new therapies that take into account the social and environmental factors that affect a person’s health.


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