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The experience economy is a new approach to seeing the world, learning, designing, inventing, producing and doing business.

When art purifies the air

Kengo Kuma, whose architectural works grace more than 20 countries and which regularly receive prestigious awards, presented Breath/ng at the Milan Design Week 2018. The impressive textile sculpture can absorb the polluting emissions of 90,000 cars per year. The architect thus continues to reinvent post-industrial spaces using innovative materials to better correspond to their cultural and natural environments.

When creators propose a better and more sustainable future

During Milan’s Design Week from April 17-22, 2018, as part of the “Design in the Age of Experience” event, Dassault Systèmes teamed up with specialized designers, architects and artists to kindle creative approaches to combating climate change and air pollution.

Generative design, inspired by the living world

Applying the concept of morphogenesis to generative design stretches the boundaries of design automation, looking to nature to come up with new forms and guide new expertise.

Deepening our understanding of the world

The SIMULIA software suite helps scientific and technical communities reveal the world in which we live through realistic simulation of products, nature and life.

Sustainable design: traditional is the new modern

In their quest for more sustainable ways of doing things, some designers are reconnecting with secular traditions while exploiting the vast possibilities offered by simulation and virtual technology. Could data be a material that is just as authentic as wood, linen or leather? We spoke to designer Patrick Jouin.