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We must start developing our cities intelligently, and build an ecosystem that brings together governments, citizens and businesses.

Inventing a desirable future for cities

In big cities, everything – buildings, lifestyles, the environment, government, transportation networks, and its inhabitants – is structured into an ecosystem where resiliency and adaptability are essential to ensure sustainability. Observing nature can be a source of inspiration. We can even think of nature as a giant laboratory, studying its strategies to adapt to disruption.

A better citizen experience

How can Jaipur be a city desired for living and visiting? Today, many projects, such as the construction of a bridge, are rejected by citizens because it will reduce vegetation. City leaders therefore want to involve residents in planning and decision-making to properly manage conflicts and objections.

Amazing opportunities for the automotive industry

Autonomous, connected electric cars that are shared or available on demand – mobility will undergo tremendous transformation over the next 10 years. Olivier Sappin, VP of Transportation & Mobility at Dassault Systèmes, offers some insight into the changes underway.