3DEXPERIENCE FORUM Italy 2016October 13, 2016 | Milan | Italy


Dassault Systèmes shows how to successfully implement Industry 4.0 with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by using a CLAAS showcase.

The virtual mapping of conception, design, simulation, configuration and production in a uniform platform is the basis for a “digital factory”.


    Every development starts with the creation of ideas. Everyone involved in a project – internally and externally – should play an active role. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform figures as a cockpit for information, for configurable dashboards and different approaches that present the best possible insight and overview of the ideation process. An enterprise can collect and evaluate ideas through the communities and steer requirements management from the start.


    3D printing, previously used to create test models and prototypes, now enables production of fully functional parts, given new processes, machines and materials. Additive manufacturing makes it possible to create products that offer more functionality, are lighter in weight, use less material, and cannot be created by any other manufacturing process.


    Flexible configuration of variants means maximum featuring of individual products even in mass production


    Systems Engineering covers product development from the definition of requirements to the design of the mechatronic product. The Systems Engineering approach secures the collaboration between mechanics, electronics and software development, which has a major impact on the project success. Systems Engineering describes the system based on various aspects


    Once a similar part is found, the NC program is overtaken and optimized for the new situation. That saves time, programming costs and avoids errors.

    - VIRTUAL BUILD : Production of variants in an industrial process means precise planning of upstream or semi-finished products. Through the manufacturing BOM the engineering design goes into the assembly sequence and then into the manufacturing steps. From this the station layout can be derived, showing at which workstation a part is produced, and utilization of the entire manufacturing chain.

    - SHOP FLOOR : The advantages of digitization go right through to a workstation on the shop floor. The digital master, the basis for such as work instructions, NC or robot programs, demonstrates the benefits of a platform-based data pool: by two demo stations, a simulation workplace on which the digital model for assembly is generated and simulated, and an assembly workstation on which the digital model is enhanced by current information and finalized for production.