3DEXPERIENCE FORUM EUROCENTRAL 2016October 25-26, 2016 | Berlin | Germany

Day 2

From 09:00AM to 03:00PM

09:00AM to 10:00AM: Welcome Coffee & 3DEXPERIENCE Playground visit

10:00AM to 10:30AM: Future Mobility: Success factors to win the automotive transformation Phase

Nowadays, the automotive sector is in the midst of a fundamental transformation process. The industry is impacted by new trends and lifestyles as well as many technological, business and legal issues, all at the same time. The presentation will point out success factors how industry leaders have to position themselves and what steps to be taken to create successful the new mobility ecosphere.


    Founder & Managing Director New Mobility Business

10:30AM to 11:00AM: Connected Cars, Volkswagen Infotainment

The world around us is building more and more digital interconections. All areas of our life will become part of the Internet of Things. Every day new concepts seem to appear. The Inteligent home, the Internet of Vehicles or the Internet of Mobility are just a few of these emerging solutions. We at Volkswagen Infotainment work on solutions to connect the car to the world.

  • Ralf GESTER

    Head of Electromechanics Volkswagen Infotainment

11:00AM to 11:20AM: Connected Digital Customer Journey and the Digitalisation of Retail

Digitalisation is everywhere. This presentation will focus on the trends and requirements of a connected Digital Consumer journey to enable engaging and consistent experiences and story telling from brand to retail. The topic of digital business efficiency and how that can facilitate a higher level of customer intimacy around the magic moment of sale will be discussed.

  • Dominic KURTAZ

    Managing Director 3DEXCITE Dassault Systèmes

11:20AM to 11:50AM: GDC we make the VIP aircraft experience come true

  • Nigel GARNER

    Managing Director GDC Engineering

11:50AM to 01:30PM: Lunch & 3DEXPERIENCE Playground visit

01:30PM to 02:00PM: Corporations overcoming the obstacle of implementing a digital transformation strategy while achieving daily business goals - IDC presents all new study results

The pace of Digital Transformation depends heavily on solutions’ abilities to support companies with their current operational challenges. Based on a recent survey conducted in the German manufacturing industry, IDC will provide insights and best practices to set the course for the fourth industrial revolution successfully

  • Mark Alexander SCHULTE

    Senior Consultant IDC Central Europe

02:00PM to 02:45PM: The Oceans Clean Again – An Impossible Dream Made Possible

  • Boyan SLAT

    CEO and Founder The Ocean Cleanup

02:45PM to 03:00PM: Wrap-up & Conclusion

  • Andreas BARTH

    Managing Director EuroCentral Dassault Systèmes