IF WE build a trusted relationship, we can win together

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IF WE build a genuine relationship together, we can grow and innovate beyond limits.

Dassault Systèmes is committed in providing business and people with game-changing software solutions, enabling public and private stakeholders to imagine sustainable innovations for today and tomorrow.

These solutions are the product of 40 years of knowledge and know-how development by our 20.000 collaborators all over the world. It is our strong belief that we must work together with our customers and partners, to protect the value of this unique intellectual property. 

Quote about 3DS development workforces from 3DS?/ the value for our customers to use certified 3DS Licenses?

Florence Hu Aubigny
Florence Hu‑Aubigny
Executive Vice President, Research & Development

Thousands of leading companies of all size and all industries, academic institutions and public organizations use our genuine solutions. 

A verified software for long-term excellence

As we sometimes can get confused on the web with unfaithful resellers providing nonvalid licenses on marketplaces or attached to hardware discounted offers, you might discover at some point that you bought fake 3DS softwares. 

Only Dassault Systèmes’ authentic licenses can deliver the 3DEXPERIENCE expected and unmatched quality. Using cracked licenses expose you and your company to software failures, malware exposure, low quality results and OEM contracts’ breaking. 
Furthermore, Dassault Systèmes’ support and warrantee is only applicable to genuine licenses.

Need Help to Evaluate your 3DS Software Assets License Compliance?

Our team is available to assess with you the compliance of your 3DS software assets usage.

Dassault Systèmes’ Non-Valid License Usage Notification

You have been notified that nonvalid licenses are used in your organization. 
Let’s quickly fix the situation!

Report a Suspicious Situation

Should you become aware of any suspicious situation, be a victim of piracy or find a website you suspect may be selling or distributing nonvalid Dassault Systèmes licenses, you can act!