Piracy Prevention

Genuity is Always a Good Idea 

Software piracy (i.e. unauthorized possession, use or distribution of software) is highly damaging to the software industry. It is not only destroying jobs, but also putting your business at risk since potentially harmful in a production environment.
More importantly, it exposes your business, as the usage of pirated software may result in security breach, data loss and production interruption. Piracy not only affects your own company, but also your entire value chain.

A verified software for long-term excellence

As we sometimes can get confused on the web with unfaithful resellers providing nonvalid licenses on marketplaces or attached to hardware discounted offers, you might discover at some point that you bought fake 3DS softwares. 

Only Dassault Systèmes’ authentic licenses can deliver the 3DEXPERIENCE expected and unmatched quality. Using cracked licenses expose you and your company to software failures, malware exposure, low quality results and OEM contracts’ breaking. 
Furthermore, Dassault Systèmes’ support and warrantee is only applicable to genuine licenses.

Each malware attack can cost a company $2.4 million on average and can take up to 50 days to resolve.

BSA Global Software Survey – June 2018
Software Management: Security Imperative, Business Opportunity

The Cost of Unlicensed Software

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6 reasons why you should care about licenses authenticity

Lower Security Risks

Using non-valid software might open the gate of your IT entire infrastructure to malware/virus, putting your deliverables and data at risk.

Avoid legal issues

As Dassault Systèmes IP is the backbone of the 3DEXPERIENCE unmatched value and the result of the work of out collaborators since 40 years, we are determined to protect it.

Maintain Operations continuity 

Licensing issues are putting your company operations at risk, with increased possibilities of interruptions due to software dysfunction or vendor audits.

Benefit from 3DS maintenance and support

Dassault Systèmes’ support and warrantee is only applicable to genuine licenses.

Enjoy up-to-date 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

and unleash its full capabilities to sustainably grow your business.

Sustain your Reputation

Protect your corporate Brand. Stay best in class – top quality company for your customers and trading partners.

Need Help to Evaluate your 3DS Software Assets License Compliance?

Our team is available to assess with you the compliance of your 3DS software assets usage.

Dassault Systèmes’ Non-Valid License Usage Notification

You have been notified that nonvalid licenses are used in your organization. 
Let’s quickly fix the situation!

Report a Suspicious Situation

Should you become aware of any suspicious situation, be a victim of piracy or find a website you suspect may be selling or distributing nonvalid Dassault Systèmes licenses, you can act!