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Online qualified ecosystem of industrial service providers worldwide

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Marketplace for Manufacturing on demand



The 3d components you need, at your fingertips



Digitize, Design or Certify your Products

Get the Full Power to Collaborate with Qualified Industrial Test Service Providers

The on-demand 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace helps designers across the world to easily manufacture, find standard parts or hire temporary engineering

3DEXPERIENCE Make features

Connect With Manufacturers Now

Upload your design. Browse our manufacturers. Get quotes and pick the one for your needs. Receive your parts.
Qualified Service Providers

Get an instant quote for 3DPrinting

Identify the best partner for every project

Go straight from design to parts

Optimize collaboration

Reduce errors and risks

Ensure traceability


Download 3D Parts

The most comprehensive online 3D components catalog with tens of millions of components and hundreds of qualified suppliers.
Qualified Component Configurations

Access catalogs of qualified supplier components

Identify the right parts for your project

Source components directly from your design environment

3Dexperience Part Supply features
3DEXPERIENCE Engineering features
3DEXPERIENCE | Engineering

Get your engineering done in record time

The most seamless way to digitize, design or certify your products with leading engineers worldwide.

Identify the best partner for every project

Optimize collaboration

Reduce errors and risks

Ensure traceability

Covering all aspects of your value stream

Ecosystem of Service Providers in 1 Click

Leverage a worldwide ecosystem of qualified industrial manufacturing service providers and identify the best partner based on your specifications, across all manufacturing processes: 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal and more.

End-to-End Transaction Management

The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace manages all aspects of the transaction, including payments, currencies, billing and more.

Traceability and NDA

Buyer-Seller exchanges are documented and accessible all in one place. You can upload an NDA to protect your IP, sellers need to sign before accessing your project.

A Seamless Journey from Within Your Design Environment


Access all 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace services directly from SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE platform Apps.

Discover How 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplaces Boost Your Design to Manufacturing Process

You’re in good company. Thousands of leading companies from all industries use our solutions.

Dedicated support

Dedicated Support for Customers and Service Providers

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  • Ask to become a partner
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How does it work?

Discover how you can use 3DEXPERIENCE Make as a seller and as a buyer.

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Enterprise Services

Marketplace Enterprise Services allow companies to nurture their own enterprise ecosystem, listing providers qualified by Dassault Systèmes, qualified by themselves, as well as in-house resources.

Enterprise users can then benefit from seamless access to this ecosystem.

Transactions are managed by the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace, connected to financial and business enterprise systems.