Realistic Simulation for Consumer Packaged Goods

Manufacturers and suppliers use Realistic Simulation Solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.

Consumer Packaged Goods

In today’s highly competitive consumer packaged goods markets, manufacturers continually strive to cut development and production costs, reduce time-to-market, and improve their competitive edge. Companies at the forefront of the industry strongly emphasize product development, using some of the most advanced simulation tools available to evaluate alternatives, spot and fix mistakes in the early conceptual stages of development and optimize designs so that products can sail through testing and production to get to market quickly.

Using finite element techniques to analytically represent the product or package and then simulate load and constraint conditions allows engineers to predict the performance of a concept design in advance of any investment in tooling, prototyping, or physical test validation. Design studies can be conducted to determine the effect of varying geometric features, material thickness, material properties and/or alternative load cases. Product can be optimized for design features, weight, performance and/or material.