Realistic Simulation for Consumer Packaged Goods

Reduce design time and costs to create, fill, and ship new packaging

Simulate the Perfect Package

Virtual Testing enables designers to simulate how a new product design will behave at every stage of its lifecycle. This results is lowered costs, quicker time-to-market, and improved sustainability. The optimized design also drives consumers to select their products.

SIMULIA's realistic simulation applications for Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers span the entire range of a product's lifecycle. They include:

  • Blow Molding: Optimizes preform shape to produce desired final thickness distribution.
  • Conveying: Reduces damage cost by ensuring bottles won’t get stuck or tip over in the assembly line.
  • Filling: Predicts how the package will behave after filling the product and measures the filled volume.
  • Capping: Estimates the amount of torque required to open and close the cap while maintaining seal integrity.
  • Labeling: Predicts whether new bottle design will cause tearing or wrinkling to the label.
  • Casing: Reduces shipping damage by predicting final package shape in shrink wrap and whether the case can sustain shape during handling.
  • Palleting: Reduces bottle breakage by predicting bottle behavior from top-load (of bottle weight) in a pallet.