CATFiber AFP-ATL Programming CAA V6 Apps


Engineering Domain : Manufacturing
Prerequisites : CMF V6 | CNV V6 | NMG V6 | NMM V6 | NPM V6 | PCS V6
Available since : 2013-06-30, V6R2012x

Product Overview

Offline Tape path programming for Fiber Placement process in DELMIA V6 workbench

Customer Benefits

  • Integration on top of DELMIA Machining infrastructure
  • Dedicated manufacturing data structure for automated layup in PPR document
  • Tape courses programming and analysis features
  • Complete slit tape edition toolkit
  • Various complex tool-path algorithms for any kind of part curvature
  • Integration of the machine kinematics (both CNC machine and robotic work-cell): tool-path review for tape path optimization
  • Export for FE structural analysis (fiber angles, fiberless areas / tow gaps)