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In 1988, Type3 was born with the idea to introduce traditional artistic typography into the world of industrial manufacturing. Its mission was from the start: to create a bridge between the graphic arts and the industry with its Type3 artistic CAD/CAM software. It is now part of the GRAVOTECH group, with over 55 000 licenses installed in the world, distributed in more than 35 countries through its own network of subsidiaries and VARs.

Our solutions address the needs of businesses of all sizes, in many and various industrial fields: mold & toolings, jewelry & accessories, sign. Type3 software solutions are the ideal link between design arts specialists and manufacturing engineers : it provides the CAD tools to design and decorate parts, in 2D as well as in 3D, to add typography, logos, create artistic effects, to visualize them through impressive color renderings, and to create the adequate CAM toolpath.
Type3 also develops and market dedicated solutions for Laser machines.

We have also developed specific 3D CAD Solutions for industries such as jewelry, fashion accessories, watch making, and artistic modeling design, known under 3DESIGN and 3Shaper.

Branding and product identification on Automotive, E&E and Aerospace parts is a fast growing requirement in our industry. For traceability, identification, customization or sometimes just decoration, your design strategy needs include Type3 CAA for CATIA V5. Geometry created by Type3 can be rendered and made photorealistic!

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Have you tried to create Text and Graphics in CATIA V5? Have you tried to edit the Text or Graphic after placing it on the model? If you have, you quickly learned CATIA V5 is not the most flexible tool for creating, placing, and modifying Text and Graphics on 3D models!

Type3 CAAV5 Based packages provides CATIA V5 users with professional integrated Typographic/Text capabilities, and logo handling, coupled with the use of a scanner directly driven in CATIA V5. Users can scan and raster-to-vector an artwork to precisely retrieve its contours. Users can also use True Type or Single-Line fonts directly in CATIA V5.

In addition, it enables CATIA V5 users to project the text or map a graphic design onto any 3D shape in the required position. Also provides users with standard, conical, and cylindrical projections/mapping.

Text projected on a 3D shape is easily editable, and changes appear directly in CATIA V5 thanks to the tight integration of Type3.


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> Type3 Graphic Wrap CAAV5 Based
> Type3 Gateway CAAV5 Based
> Type3 Graphic CAAV5 Based

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