Founded in 1839 as a metal fitter’s shop, Germany’s Schuler AG has become the leading global manufacturer of mechanical and hydraulic metal forming products, systems and services, with 2006-07 sales of €725 million and a workforce of 5,710. At the forefront of developing transfer and servo presses widely used across the automotive industry, Schuler pioneered hydro forming technology for contouring tubes in the 1990s.

Die Herausforderung

To maintain its leadership position in the metalforming industry, Schuler must constantly exceed customer expectations on innovation, product quality, and service.

Die Antwort von Dassault Systèmes

Schuler chose the single V6 PLM platform that links engineering practices and enterprise usiness processes to help it take maximum advantage of its intellectual property.


The open, scalable V6 PLM platform ensures that Schuler’s geographically dispersed engineers and suppliers can work together in real-time to leverage corporate knowledge and increase productivity and innovation.