Stage Technologies

Stage Technologies produces mechanical solutions for ‘power flying’ - the professional terminology for lifting and moving scenic items and performers above a stage. They also design, build and install other stage machinery, wagons and powered track drives to operate quick scene changes and other dramatic effects.

The Challenge

Ewart Richardson, the company’s Director of Mechanical Engineering, takes up the story. “We produce the mechanisms, rigs and control systems that allow scenery, and sometimes people, to fly. Using our equipment it is possible to fly a performer in a helix or to have an aerial ballet with a number of dancers in the air simultaneously.”

Dassault Systèmes Response

Stage Technologies Designer, Alec Gass, spoke about FEA. “We have used several design and production methodologies in the past but find CATIA V5 the easiest to use and also the most productive. Our partner Desktop Engineering trained us in the use of CATIA V5 in conjunction with FEA. The software allows us to generate designs very quickly and to analyse them as they are developed. This means that there are no holdups and no waiting for FEA results and that our designs are always optimised for maximum efficiency and most importantly safety.”