SCD (Semi Conductor Devices)

Israel Brand: ENOVIA
Industry: High Tech

Since its beginning in 1976, Semi Conductor Devices, based in Israel, has become a major supplier of infrared detectors and high power laser diodes to the defence industry, with more than $70 million in annual turnover in 2003. The company, which employs 315 people, exports more than 50 percent of its production to North America, Europe and East Asia.

The Challenge

Typical of electronics suppliers, the company’s main challenge is to introduce multiple new products quickly and at a lower price, says Alberto Burger, Vice President of Quality Assurance at SCD. “You have to reduce development times and accelerate time-to-market while reducing costs or you’re going to be out of business very soon.”

Dassault Systèmes Response

SMARTEAM drives the innovation process, feeding all enterprise systems (enterprise resource planning [ERP], MES and manufacturing process management [MPM]) with BOM, documents and process data, eliminating manual re-entries and providing transparency to the end user.


SMARTEAM reduces engineering change cycle time by more than 50 percent, standardising change processes, eliminating errors and making existing data and knowledge easily accessible for re-use.