LG Innotek

South Korea Brand: ENOVIA
Industry: High Tech

Since its inception in 1970, LG Innotek has been a leader in the Korean electronic parts industry. To maintain its competitive advantage within a digital electronic industry characterized by convergence, ubiquitous networks and mergers, the company has focused on its mobile, display and network businesses and has emerged as a leader in the region.

The Challenge

To improve communication between its people working inside and outside of Korea, LG Innotek needed to improve the way it stored design data and ensured security.

Dassault Systèmes Response

SMARTEAM supports LG Innotek’s multi-CAD design processes and is compatible with the company’s other systems and its powerful Intel Chipset.


With SMARTEAM, LG Innotek has improved the management of development projects and bill of materials and enhanced cooperation among its remote work groups, reducing product development time by 30%.