Gunnebo Johnson Corporation

United States Brand: ENOVIA
Industry: Industrial Equipment

Gunnebo Johnson, a leading manufacturer of crane hook assemblies, works on 800 new designs every year and constantly faces customer demand for rapid turnaround.

The Challenge

  • In-house document manager does not manage 3D CAD files
  • Difficult to locate existing designs and customer specifications
  • Time-consuming revision control
  • ERP (SAP) and document management systems are not synchronized

Dassault Systèmes Response

  • SmarTeam Applications: SMARTEAM® - Editor, Web Navigator, Gateway, SAP Adapter
  • Archiving, quick retrieval, reuse and full revision control of product designs and customer documents
  • Collaboration between manufacturing, purchasing and engineering departments
  • SMARTEAM® - Gateway synchronizes Engineering and ERP databases


  • Satisfy customer requirements for 3D data management
  • Achieve faster turnaround on made-to-order products
  • Improve productivity
  • Enable compliance with quality standards
  • Improve product quality and reduce errors