ENSA was established in 1973 to design, construct and operate a primary components factory for all types of nuclear powered steam generation system reactors. ENSA has supplied the leading reactor suppliers with numerous custom components which have been installed in power plants all over the world.

The Challenge

Equipos Nucleares, S.A. (ENSA) is a leading supplier of components and services to the nuclear power industry. Attention to detail and rigorously documented processes are critical for ENSA to pass the audits of both its customers and the various regulatory agencies it works with worldwide.

Dassault Systèmes Response

ENOVIA SmarTeam offers ENSA a comprehensive product data and documentation management system (PDM), which integrates with project planning, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other corporate systems. After considering a variety of systems to manage the hundreds of documents generated during each of its projects, ENSA decided that ENOVIA SmarTeam not only offered the basic management capabilities that it needed, but also allowed it to manage the product structure linked to documents and to coordinate with the company's other control and planning systems.