3-D Solutions Design Service

United States Brand: CATIA
Industry: Industrial Equipment

3-D Solutions Design Service, a Michigan-based global provider of stamping die design services, launched its business in March 2002 using CATIA V5 to meet the needs of its tool and die clients in the automotive, appliance, furniture and heavy equipment industries. The company, one of the first tooling design shops to use CATIA V5, now has several designers on staff and has moved forward building collaborations with other design shops allowing the partners to take on larger projects that they could alone.

The Challenge

3-D Solutions wanted to reduce the time required to design metal stamping dies in order to meet the tight deadlines required by its customers.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Using CATIA V5’s catalog interface, 3-D Solutions has created a Power Catalog and Power Template software package for easy organization and insertion of standard components into designs.


The software package allows designers to select, preview and position components in just seconds, update designs automatically, reapply existing data and reduce errors.