Panorama Group

United Kingdom Brand: CATIA
Industry: Aerospace and Defense

Panorama Group based in Preston NW England is a supplier of Computer Numerical Programmes (CNP) to the aerospace industry. The company’s customers include BAE, Magellan and JHE and they are currently working on aircraft ranging from the A380 to the Joint Strike Fighter.

The Challenge

The company provides CNP that allow 5-axis machines to manufacture designs that have originated from Dassault Systèmes CATIA V4 or V5. Typically a component design will be issued to Panorama, which uses CATIA to generate machine tool code for the machining centres used by OEMs.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Gary Singleton, a Panorama Director, explained the company’s work, “It is possible to use CATIA to programme a machine’s tool cutter path and this is a semi-automated function of the V5 PLM programme set. However, there are several ways to manage the operation of a 5-axis machine and our specialisation is to develop a methodology that saves machine-operation time. The importance of this is that it allows more throughputs, less manual operation and consequently reduced unit cost”.


Panorama works closely both with its customers and machine tool makers to extend its under - standing of manufacturing methodologies. This has led to considerable production benefits and machine-time savings. Gary commented, “On a recent job for a major aerospace OEM we managed to cut production time from 23 to 4 hours and on another from 100 to 20. This kind of enhancement can be achieved by making improvements to the CNP that lead to more cutting action and less ‘air-time’ - which achieves nothing”.