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The Governance domain allows companies to launch enterprise-wide new product introductions on-time and on-budget. Within Governance are these sub-processes: Requirements Management, Portfolio Configuration, Program Management, Decision Support Business Intelligence, and Compliancy.

ENOVIA Copy and Artwork Central

ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central enables companies to collaboratively edit, translate, and approve copy and graphic artwork content, maintaining relationships between the primary language used in a company and the local translations used on artwork.

ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central™ provides a holistic copy and artwork management solution, allowing companies to manage their artwork assets as well as the artwork process while taking into account the complexities of multiple products, product variants and languages in a single repository.


ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central enables companies to collaboratively edit, translate, and approve copy and graphic artwork content, maintaining relationships between the primary language used in a company and the local translations used on artwork. The content is managed in context of the product or brand hierarchy, promoting reuse and maintaining consistency within the brand between variants and across the product portfolio. Industry standard copy classification and XML export formats are used to facilitate communication with design studios regarding artwork copy content.


ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central also provides the capability to store and manage approvals of the final artwork file, tying it to the approved structured content. Managing the content in this “bill of material-like” manner provides a powerful “where used” capability to quickly identify artwork that will be affected when copy needs to be modified due to changing regulations and other business needs. The capability to export the copy in industry standard xml format enables tools used by graphic designers to easily import copy into the artwork with no re-keying (or cut ‘n paste) by the graphic designer.


In addition to managing a company’s artwork assets ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central provides a flexible workflow to manage the artwork process. Incorporated with the single repository of artwork assets, the solution provides powerful real-time visibility to the artwork process for artwork project managers and other key stakeholders.

Search for product configurations based on selected features to improve part re-use and minimize feature proliferation

Create new product configurations for commercial release or for evaluation

Generate Engineering Bills of Material (EBOMs) based on customer specific product configurations that satisfy Design to Order/Engineer to Order (DTO, ETO) demands

View the logical feature decomposition and compare it against existing designs to maximize the reuse of existing parts

View customer configurations to assess the needs and validate against existing product designs

  • ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central provides the capability to: • Manage artwork content as structured data, maintaining the connection between master copy and the local translations • Manage content in the context of the product hierarchy, providing consistency in the content throughout the brand, between variants and across the product portfolio. • Collaboratively edit, translate, and approve artwork content on a “just in time” basis • Comply with United States FDA Part 11 guidelines for audit trails and authentication Easily export and reuse approved copy data into the artwork design process utilizing industry standards • Manage the entire artwork process with visibility to real-time status of all artwork assets – both artwork content and final artwork
  • Manage Copy as Structured Data
    Artwork content is managed as structured data, maintaining not only the connection between master copy and local copy, but also which pieces of art the copy is used on.  This allows companies to do “where used” analysis in the event the copy needs to be changed in the event of changing regulations, marketing initiatives or other business drivers.   The content can also be exported for use by graphic designers, eliminating the need for them to re-key or cut ‘n paste copy text into the final artwork, further reducing errors.  Auditable version control provides history and accountability, while ensuring that the latest approved version is used.
  • Manage Copy in the Context of the Brand Hierarchy
    To provide consistent messaging in artwork across a product line, the artwork elements are managed within the context of the brand hierarchy so that individual products automatically inherit copy from the product lines they are in. Reuse of artwork elements means not only consistent messaging, but also reduces the touches for both authors and approvers. This helps prevent data entry errors and increases the productivity of the authors and approvers by not requiring redundant work across artwork initiatives.
  • Manage Copy and Final Artwork Together
    Managing not only copy and graphics in a single repository but also the final artwork, means that artwork planners or project managers have visibility to the full final artwork process and no longer have to “hunt people down” to find out the status of copy or artwork. With ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central, artwork planners or project managers can easily identify which artwork elements have been authored and/or approved, and if not completed, who is assigned to the work. Similarly with the final artwork, once the final artwork is submitted by the graphic designer, the artwork planner can track the review and approval process of the artwork.
  • Benefits for High Value ENOVIA and Partner Products
    Increased productivity, reduction in errors, and consistency in brand messaging are all things a company can expect to achieve when utilizing ENOVIA® Copy and Artwork Central. Additional ENOVIA and Partner products extend the scope and scenario: • Utilizing ENOVIA® Collaboration for Adobe Creative Suite, companies can increase collaboration with graphics designers by allowing direct access and storage of final artwork and other artwork assets into the ENOVIA database. • Utilizing ENOVIA® CPG Accelerator™ for Integrated Product Management (CPN), companies can connect the final artwork to the product bill-of-material, providing a full single version of the truth for all product related data. • Utilizing Esko Artwork’s Dynamic Content Plug-in and Dynamic Content Connector, users can copy to flow from the ENOVIA® database into the artwork, eliminating the need to copy ‘n paste or re-type copy text into the final artwork.
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA Copy and Artwork Central supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values, which are: • Global collaborative innovation • Single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management • Online creation and collaboration • Ready to use PLM business processes • Lower cost of ownership