CATIA V5-6R 促进更加卓越的设计

使用此版本, 3DEXPERIENCE 平台功能的优势便可通过与 V5-6R 的无缝协作实现。


来自 3DEXPERIENCE 平台的社交协作、企业管理和控制面板功能可用于支持使用 V5-6R 工具箱的流程。

DELMIA NC Machine Tool Simulation 2 (MPS)
DELMIA NC Machine Tool Simulation provides an upfront integrated environment for machine and material removal simulation based on tool path or ISO code during machining operation definition.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

NC Machine Tool Simulation easily validates the machining setup for selected NC machines and tool paths during machining operation definition. It enables the NC programmer to assign a virtual machine to a part operation, simulate selected tool paths with the machine, determine interferences, modify tool paths or machining operations, generate ISO code, and simulate machine motions and material removal based on ISO code. Simultaneous, synchronized simulation of material removal and machine motion based on NC code generated inside or outside of V5 enables realistic simulation of the complete machining environment with collision detection between machine parts and in-process stock. This enables a final, virtual buy-off of the NC program.

NC Machine Tool Simulation dynamically detects collisions, if any, during simulation. It enables the NC programmer to re-visit these collisions at the end of a simulation run, and to modify machining operations to avoid collisions. It also detects axis limit errors, which can be interactively corrected by modifying the machining setup, thereby enabling the NC programmer to validate and finalize the part setup.

NC Machine Tool Simulation allows NC programmers to:
  • Simulate NC machine motion and material removal based on NC tool paths or ISO Code during NC programming
  • Detect and correct interferences in tool paths and ISO code
  • Interactively avoid collisions by teaching machines collision-free paths or by editing Machining Operations thus reducing programming lead time

Product Highlights

NC Machine Tool Simulation offers the following functions:

  • Automatic mounting of workpiece and machine setup validation
  • Integrated and simultaneous simulation of NC machine motions and material removal based
  • on tool paths or ISO code.
  • Synchronized display of ISO code during ISO based simulation.
  • Validation of a manufacturing program, a single machining operation or a
  • zone of a machining operation
  • Easy collision queue setup and detection
  • Interactive modification of tool path or machining operation for collision avoidance.
  • Checking travel limits of the machine tools
  • Distance and band analysis
  • Accurate cycle time calculation.

Product Key Customer Benefits

NC Machine Simulation offers the following functions:

  • Shortened NC programming time thanks to a end-to-end machining solution with seamlessly integrated and simultaneous NC machine tool simulation: users can easily switch between definition and validation without losing time due to data transfer or preparation (no third party Software interface issues).

  • Tool Path validation at an early stage avoids problems and modification loops: thanks to realistic NC machine tool and material removal simulation based on ISO code, parts are cut right the first time, thereby reducing lead time from programming to production

  • Increase of process quality thanks to easy problem identification and resolution: in case of collisions or exceeding travel limits: users can interactively edit machining operations or modify tool paths.

  • Avoiding redundant machine tool data thanks to a single comprehensive machine tool description with geometry, kinematics and technological information: the definition of the NC machine resource can be used in the entire machining process including NC planning and detailing, simulation and verification, post processing and controller emulation.

DELMIA NC Machine Simulation requires DELMIA Object Manager, DELMIA NC Manufacturing Review and DELMIA Space Analysis.