CATIA V5-6R 促进更加卓越的设计

使用此版本, 3DEXPERIENCE 平台功能的优势便可通过与 V5-6R 的无缝协作实现。


来自 3DEXPERIENCE 平台的社交协作、企业管理和控制面板功能可用于支持使用 V5-6R 工具箱的流程。

DELMIA- Machining Tolerancing Assistant 2 (MTT)
DELMIA s Machining Tolerancing Assistant 3D tolerancing tool allows users to create, manage, analyze, and disperse machining tolerances throughout the process.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA Machining Tolerancing Assistant is dedicated to creating and analyzing Machining Tolerances and Annotations. The user may tolerance and annotate In-Process models and ensure that design specifications are realized.

DELMIA Machining Tolerancing Assistant allows users to ensure the manufacturing processes and resources meet design requirements, enough material is available at every step of the process, and to ensure the quality of the manufactured parts.

DELMIA Machining Tolerancing Assistant allows the user to:

  • Define Machining Tolerances and Annotations on In-Process Models
  • Create In-Process Conditions : (see Process condition command)
  • Analyze Machining Tolerances according to Design Tolerances, check impacts between Machining Tolerances and Design Tolerances (see analysis command)
  • Navigate along the In-Process Model (see Navigate command).

DELMIA Machining Tolerancing Assistant is integrated with DPM Machining Process Planner

Product Highlights

DELMIA Machining Tolerancing Assistant allows users to:

  • Analyze tolerances
    • Machining tolerance impact on design tolerance
    • Checks completeness and values of machining tolerances
    • Display relations between machining tolerances and conditions: User may see tolerance "stacks" and conditions impacted by modification.
  • Create machining process tolerance conditions
  • To set In-Process models at a desired state with the appropriate display of machining tolerances.

Product Key Customer Benefits

Machining Tolerancing Assistant allows users to move from a paper-based, non-integrated environment to an automated, fully-integrated digital environment allowing immediate creation, updates, and validation of Machining tolerances. Impacts of upstream modifications can be immediately visualized. Validation of machining tolerances is fully automated, and tolerancing results may be reused in other DELMIA Process Planning tools.