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Human Measurements Editor 2 (MHM)
Create detailed digital humans for advanced human factors analysis and global target audience accommodation
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

Human Measurements Editor 2 (MHM) is an add-on to Human Builder 2 (MHB) allowing the user to create advanced, user-defined manikins using a number of advanced anthropometry tools. The manikins can then be used to assess the suitability of a product against its intended target audience.

Human Measurements Editor 2 addresses the needs of human factors engineers, maintainability engineers, and packaging engineers in the aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering, plant design, shipbuilding, white goods and electrical industries.

Human Measurements Editor 2 is effectively used in conjunction with Human Builder 2, Human Posture Analysis 2 and Human Activity Analysis 2. These products are combined to create a fully integrated Human Engineering Design solution.

Product Highlights

  • As an add-on product to Human Builder 2, takes advantage of all Human Builder 2 functions and provides advanced detailed digital human creation tools
  • Customizes all manikin anthropometry variables for user-specific human modelling
  • Creates boundary manikins for true target audience accommodation
  • Analyzes relationships between anthropometry variables
  • Integrates with Knowledgeware for anthropometry management

Product Key Customer Benefits

Global Human Modeling
The user has the opportunity to ensure that their products accommodate a global target audience by using a number of individual anthropometry databases. As such, products can be analysed for target audiences in America, Europe and Asia, an important consideration for companies designing products for the global marketspace

User-specific human modelling
104 anthropometry variables can be displayed, filtered, annotated and edited. Edition is made by arrow manipulation (graphical fomat) or by value/percentile. Anthropometry variables Reset and Copy/Paste are also provided.

True target audience accommodation
Upon user input of appropriate critical design variables, a multi-normal statistical algorithm automatically adjusts all other anthropometry variables to create manikins that exist within the target population. This unique "boundary" manikin technique ensures designers accommodate their entire target population using a minimum number of manikins.

Analysis ofrelationships between anthropometry variables
The intuitive Graphical User Interface permits designers to analyze the functional relationships between anthropometry variables. In addition, the user can define task-related critical values for detailed investigation whilst Human Measurements Editor 2 determines the values for remaining variables.

Knowledgeware integration
Manikin anthropometry parameters can be used to create Knowledgeware formulas, in order to capture ergonomic rules for product design, and to further enhance human-product interaction. They can also be managed in Design Tables, for easy boundary manikin generation.