CATIA V5-6R 促进更加卓越的设计

使用此版本, 3DEXPERIENCE 平台功能的优势便可通过与 V5-6R 的无缝协作实现。


来自 3DEXPERIENCE 平台的社交协作、企业管理和控制面板功能可用于支持使用 V5-6R 工具箱的流程。

DELMIA Object Customization (OCU)
DELMIA Object Customizationallows modifying the basic data types used in the manufacturing hub. Changes made here have an effect on all projects defined in the manufacturing hub.
Product Overview
Product Highlights

Product Overview

The DELMIA Object Customization offers a large set of utilities for editing types. Creation of attributes, editing of attribute properties and creation/modification of parent child relation are some of the commonly used functions of DELMIA Object Customization.

Product Highlights

Functions provided by DELMIA Object Customization are

  • Insert configuration
Allows to open a configuration inINI or XML file format for viewing and editing. These two file types are used to check a configuration before importing it
  • Import configuration with various update modes.
  • Exporting of configuration
  • Compare configurations
  • Sort view by Type Name, Prompt, Physical Name, & Base Type.
  • Creation/Editing attribute, editor, page, parent child relation