CATIA V5-6R 促进更加卓越的设计

使用此版本, 3DEXPERIENCE 平台功能的优势便可通过与 V5-6R 的无缝协作实现。


来自 3DEXPERIENCE 平台的社交协作、企业管理和控制面板功能可用于支持使用 V5-6R 工具箱的流程。

ENOVIA - DMU Navigator 3 (DU3)
Perform high-end immersive visualization, evaluation, and review through virtual reality.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

ENOVIA - DMU Navigator 3 is a next generation high-end visualization and evaluation solution that takes users into the world of virtual reality, allowing him to better understand, navigate through and analyze a product. It adds new dimensions to the Digital Mock-up experience, increasing navigational realism to improve early evaluation capabilities already made available in P1 and P2 DMU Navigator solutions. It provides an even more powerful collaborative design review environment for advanced synthesis and product styling.

Addressing all populations involved in digital mock-up related processes within the extended digital enterprise, ENOVIA - DMU Navigator 3 offers high performance and immersive capabilities for handling digital mockups of all sizes from consumer goods assemblies to very large automotive, aerospace, plant, ships or heavy machinery mock-ups, while being entirely and identically available on windows and UNIX.

Product Highlights

  • Complete support for all functions available in the DMU Navigator P2 solution
  • Stereoscopic and Virtual reality DMU visualization
  • Selection of DMU parts and commands using a customizable, handheld 3D picking device
  • Measurement display at the basis of the 3D picking device when in measurement mode
  • 3D navigation capabilities
  • Immersive commands
  • Support of specialized Stereoscopic and VR hardware and software
  • Ability to record and replay audio annotations
  • Tools options for VR initialization: easy 3D motion tracking calibration

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Immersive visualization and navigation for most realistic final review
  • Product styling
  • Marketing: immersive evaluation of a product by customers for final decision (interior layout, materials, etc .)