CATIA V5-6R 促进更加卓越的设计

使用此版本, 3DEXPERIENCE 平台功能的优势便可通过与 V5-6R 的无缝协作实现。


来自 3DEXPERIENCE 平台的社交协作、企业管理和控制面板功能可用于支持使用 V5-6R 工具箱的流程。

CAA Java Interactive Dashboard (JID)
CAA - JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) Provides developers with a single rapid application development environment (RADE) for building Windows and UNIX JAVA CAA V5 applications for the ENOVIA 3d com product.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CAA - JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) provides a Rapid Application Development Environment (RADE) for customizing ENOVIA 3d com product on Windows and UNIX. Under Windows, CAA - JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) enriched with CAA - Multi-Workspace Application Builder (MAB), CAA - JAVA Unit Test Manager (JUT) and CAA - Source Code Manager (SCM), provides the ultimate high technology environment to support large scale JAVA application development with a high degree of security and industrial robustness.

CAA - JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) extends IBM Rational Application Developer (IRAD)product. It makes it easier to learn and faster to master, thus reducing drastically the learning curve. It also provides a single access to the RADE products delivered within Component Application Architecture (CAA).

Note: IBM Rational Application Developer (IRAD) is a product of IBM Corporation, and must be purchased separately.

Product Highlights

  • Interactive access to CAA - Multi-Workspace Application Builder (MAB)
  • Interactive access to the CAA - JAVA Unit Test Manager (JUT)
  • Interactive access to the CAA - Source Code Manager (SCM)
  • V5 components creation wizard
  • Remote UNIX support
  • Port CAA - JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) on IBM Rational Application Developer (IRAD) product
  • Windows XP support for build time

Product Key Customer Benefits

Interactive access to Multi-workspace Application Builder (MAB) Developers can interactively access the Multi-workspace Application Builder from within JAVA Interactive Dashboard through menu and commands. Code building tasks are performed interactively via dialog box with configurable options.

Interactive access to the Java Unit Test Manager (JUT) Developers can interactively access the JAVA Unit Test Manager from within JAVA Interactive Dashboard through menu and commands.

Interactive access to the Source Code Manager (SCM) Developers can interactively access the Source Code Manager from within JAVA Interactive Dashboard through menu and commands. User interface and menu bar items are integrated. IT organization and developers can interactively operates on workspace, frameworks, modules, sources, directory or files to perform task such as synchronizing, promoting, checking-out, attach, detach and more.

Enables V5 components creation wizard Within the JAVA Dashboard, developers are provided with the same productivity tools and commands as C++ Dashboard. It provides automatic generation of the V5 build-time file tree and declaratives set for the framework and modules component. Automatic code generation for workspace, modules and packages are performed via programming wizards. Prerequisites workspace and framework are specified interactively.

Offers remote UNIX support Developers can set option in order to automatically generate the source file tree on UNIX platform from Windows NT. Build operations can be also performed on both platforms from JAVA Interactive Dashboard.

Based on the leading industry standard middleware IBM Rational thanks to its thigh integration with IBM Rational middleware is taking advantage of its integrated development, debugging, testing and deploying environment for creating applications. IBM Rational Application Developer (IRAD) helps deliver a rapid and efficient response to business needs through new e-business applications. Existing CAA - JAVA Interactive Dashboard (JID) features are now included in this IBM product.