Support Offers

We partner with your organization to ensure you succeed in your projects.

Dassault Systèmes has designed support offers to meet your most demanding support challenges. You may complete your BASIS Offer with additional ENTERPRISE offers.



With the payment of your License charge, you have access to a set of valuable support services that enhance your experience with your 3DS solutions. Depending on your 3DS solutions portfolio, you will benefit from the SECURE or ADVANTAGE offer.


BASIS Support Offer



SECURE (Protect your investment). Access to lastest code updates, get solutions from our experts and improve your technical know-how.


ADVANTAGE (Operate Easy). In addition to SECURE, ADVANTAGE enables you to submit Non Defect requests and call experts.


New release code download

Access new functionalities

Maintenance code download

Improve your  production efficiency through regular updates


Defect Service Request Management

Get fast, expert solutions to technical issues

Online Dashboard

Track the status of all your requests submitted to DS Experts

Phone support (8x5)

Get unlimited one-to-one, local phone support

Non Defect Service Request Management

Get expert answers to End-Users’  how-to questions


3DS news & alerts

Be informed of new release availability, code updates, new documentation, and more

Product Documentation

Access online to the official product documentation in 4 languages

Knowledge Base

Learn from Question & Answer written by DS experts, consult Bug Reports

Best Practices

Improve your user's skills by consulting valuable and complete documents about a dedicated topic written by DS experts

Social Support

Users can interact within online communities managed by DS experts


Dassault Systèmes' Support Offers for Partners enable you to get some help from 3DS Support team, when you need it, to improve your knowledge and skills. We have designed two support offers: Success Partner and Developer Support.

You have the possibility to buy packages of tokens, according to your needs.


  • You receive 3DS Support Team assistance to answer to “how-to” questions.
  • You can call 3DS Customer Support Center during business hours or submit your request online.
one token, one solution: 15 tokens, 50 tokens, 150 tokens


  • You receive Developer Support Experts assistance to answer Programming questions.
  • You can call Developer Support Experts during business hours or submit your request online.
one token, one solution: 15 tokens, 50 tokens, 150 tokens