Simpack Hardware Requirements


Intel x86 / EM64T or AMD x86 / AMD64


Minimum 2GB 32-bit and 4GB 64-bit. Swap space requires twice the available RAM.

Disk Space



Minimum WXGA+ (1440 x 900)

Graphics Card

A dedicated NVIDIA OpenGL capable graphics card is mandatory; an NVIDIA Quadro M2000 (4GB GDDR5) or better is strongly recommended to ensure graphics problems do not occur.
The NVIDIA graphics driver must be version 350 or higher. For more information on the recommended NVIDIA setting see the note below*.

Open GL

Version 3.2 (see note)


*Notes on Graphics
The NVIDIA graphics card driver version, e.g. 310.90, can be seen by clicking on ’System Information’ in the ’NVIDIA Control Panel’ dialog accessed from the operating system ’Control Panel’.
The NVIDIA graphics card setting (available with the recommended Quadro graphic cards) should be set to ’Workstation app - dynamic streaming’ or ’Dassault Systemes Catia - compatible’ for the optimum graphics performance. This setting can be found in the ’NVIDIA Control Panel’ dialog. Once in the NVIDIA Control Panel the user sets the ’3D Settings’ to one of those mentioned above, located in the tree view ’Manage 3D settings’ and then the tab ’Global Settings’.