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Please find below the specific requirements for:



Hardware requirements


The requirements expressed here are provided to give an acceptable working system for standard use. Of course, the performance of the system will depend greatly on the nature of the simulation (volume of traffic, volume and density of the database, volume of record…). It is therefore possible to lower these specifications according to the desired simulation scenario.

System requirement


All platforms involved in the CATIA SCANeR simulation must be linked to a Gigabit network. This network must be separated from the global network. We recommend using a 1 Gigabit/s switch.

CATIA SCANeR platforms can integrate computers with more than one network board, but, on each machine, CATIA SCANeR software can only communicate through a single and unique network board (due to the PC architecture and the UDP/IP protocol).

  • Configure the network as a Private one,
  • Ensure the uniqueness of computer name and of IP address on the entire network.
  • If, in the properties of Internet Protocol, the op on “Obtain an IP address automatically” is set without any “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)” then Windows can randomly choose an unwanted address (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link-local_address). This IP address is used by CATIA SCANeR to define the multi-cast address. As a result there is a risk of miscommunicating between the simulator computers.
  • Windows remote desktop cannot be used with CATIA SCANeR due to graphics limitations of Windows remote desktop. Otherwise, CATIA SCANeR can be used by remote access with others so ware, as TeamViewer, VNC, etc.
  • When all SCANeR modules run on the same computer, the data is transmitted through a network architecture 6 of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, but not through any existing network card. Performance is therefore limited only by the OS and the capacity of the computer.

Illustration V.1 : Example of network configuration

CATIA SCANeR network has a TimeToLeave (TTL) equal to 1. It involves that in multi machine configuration, only 1 router can separate 2 machines running SCANeR’s process.


Illustration V.2 : TTL limitation


Hardware configuration

The hardware configurations below are generic. These must be adapted depending of simulator needs. For advise please feel free to contact our support team




2x CPU 4 Cores with High frequency (≥ 3.8 Ghz)

Ex: Core i7 8700K / i9 8950KK / Xeon E /W / Ryzen 7 2700X


32 GB


1 GBps


1x ≥ 500 GB SSD

Preferred: Same model as Visual

Graphic Board

High End NVIDIA / Quadro RTX6000/RTX5000/ GeForce RT

Preferred: Same graphic board as Visual

Display resolution

Minimum 1920×1080


The requirements of PCs used for specific tasks such as sound, visuals, data storage, video storage, dynamics model, halo generator and acquisition are described in their related chapters. In each chapter, if the ”Hardware requirement” specifications is missing or not available then refer to this chapter.

Warning CATIA SCANeR is only compatible with NVIDIA graphics cards.

Configure CATIA SCANeR™ with 2 network cards on a computer

Two network cards on a same computer can create trouble with multicast applications. To avoid this kind of problem, network administrator has 2 solutions:

  1. Specify the IP address of the local network card to use, refer to chapter Adding computer into the CATIA SCANeR_SIMULATION_UserManual documentation or
  2. Configure the routing table (need administrator privileges).

To do so, use the “route” command as below: route -p add MCAST mask IP metric 1

  • -p: Optional parameter. Apply the command permanently (even a er reboot). MCAST: It corresponds to the multi cast address to apply on the routing (get it from the configuration manager).
  • IP: Corresponds to the IP address of local network card.

Software requirements

Operating System:

Compatible: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64 bits (Except for some slave computer with an INNO cabin acquisition only compliant with XP 32-bits), Windows Server from 2008 R2

Recommended: Windows 10 64bits

  • Web browser: Microsoft ® Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox (recommended) or other web browser including a flash viewer (required to view flash quickstart).
  • NVIDIA: latest WHQL drivers.
  • Firewall: with a separate network, no need to activate firewall (see related chapter found within the CATIA SCANeR User Assistance documentation in your installation).
  • Microsoft ®Excel is used by Vehicle mode and by Analysis mode (Analysing tool). Exactly macro are used to plot graph and export data.
  • Other softwares: please read the “SIMULATION” User Assistance documentation because some modules use specific software.
  • 1 login and 1 password for all the computers (login and password must be identical for all computers),
  • All computers must be in auto login (netplwiz),
  • Some issues appear with anti-virus (“false positives” or scan during an experiment in progress). For the moment, we do not advise to use such an anti-virus during an experiment (the simulator is supposed to be on a separate network).