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Payment and order-related support


For any question about the payment, the automatic renewal or invoices, please contact the Support Center of Cleverbridge.

Technical and Product Related Support


If you have a question or a technical issue, please refer to DraftSight Support where you can find the following information:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hardware and software
  • Community
  • Download DraftSight and Free Trial
  • Documentation
  • DraftSight Help
  • Chatbot


The Dassault Systèmes DraftSight Technical Support team are available to help with issues related to software installation and license activation. Please fill out this web form with detailed information in order to enable Dassault Systèmes to process your request in the most efficient way.


Solutions to many issues are immediately available in our FAQ and Chatbot. Please consult these resources before submitting a support request.For all other queries, please post your question on the DraftSight community.


Please note that phone support is not available for DraftSight Standard, Professional and Premium customers. DraftSight Enterprise or Enterprise Plus customers may contact the reseller from whom they purchased DraftSight support.

Please also refer to the self-help information on the homepage above and the administrative guides:

  • Installation and Product Activation Guide
  • Configuration & Basic Customization
  • Network License Installation and Configuration (SNL & DSLS)


If you wish to purchase DraftSight Enterprise or Enterprise Plus versions through one of our resellers.


A description of the support entitlement for each version is available in the DraftSight dedicated page on the "feature comparison" section.


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