Paris 3D

An Interactive Journey Through Time

Paris, the City of Light

With over 20M visitors per year, Paris is one of the most visited capital in the world. Founded around the end of the 3rd century BC by the Gauls, the city has crossed centuries, each one leaving its mark in the form of monuments. More than 2,000 years of History are thus to discover through a unique architectural heritage.

In the continuation of the Giza 3D experience, Dassault Systèmes launched in 2012 the Paris 3D Saga project, an educative and immersive journey in the History of Paris from -52 BC to 1889.

A Transmedia Project Built Around Virtual Reality

This project required the work of over 40 people, including numerous experts about Paris's History, for more than two years.

Under the direction of the archeologist Didier Busson, Dassault Systèmes conceived a whole virtual universe allowing Paris’s History and its 18,000 listed monuments to take a new dimension. And the experience hasn’t only been available through one media. During the past years, a website, a tablet application, a book and an event were launched.



Augmented reality book

Hotel de Ville Event

Online Application