Never Blind in VR

An open innovation project initiated at Dassault Systèmes’ Immersive Virtuality Lab (iV Lab), Never Blind in VR explores how consumer head mounted displays (HMDs) could be leveraged in the professional world and in particular for Industries such as the 12 industries Dassault Systèmes addresses.

You’ll find here the minimal source of information for you to benefit from our experience on the topic and potentially get involved in addressing new business horizons with 3DS around such an emerging domain.

Video: How to Enhance the Virtual Reality Headset Experience?

Initial finding in terms of immersive user experience (UX)

Never Blind In VR” brings to Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) users all the benefits of CAVEs while maintaining affordability and setup simplicity: you can see yourself and your surroundings, shake hands with your mates, grab your coffee, walk and avoid obstacles and eventually keep this damned HMD on your head for longer you would do otherwise.

In this 5 minutes video, we share our findings in building real-time 3D experiences with consumer headsets so as to go beyond the FPS gaming usage for which they are designed. 

The issue is that such experiences tend to isolate the user from his own body, have him lose contact with other people in the room and with the real world. 

Analyzing the usage of large cubic immersive rooms (CAVEs) in industries such as Automotive or Aerospace, we proposed an experience that brings some elements of reality to the eyes of the user of an Oculus Rift, allowing him to see his own body, perceive the real surrounding world and interact with it, as well as have social interactions with other people in the room.

To achieve these results we use a fixed Kinect for Windows that generate a 3D point cloud of the user’s body and of his surroundings. Although not very dense, the point cloud is surprisingly present to the user when seen from his eyes through the headset. 

Features & Benefits

Seeing one’s own body

  • Reinforces the presence of virtuality and eliminates the odd feeling of not actually being there
  • Enables to perceive virtuality at a proper scale
  • Gives visual feedback when interacting with real objects 

Perceiving the real world

  • Removes the feeling of blindness
  • Provides a safer experience: prevents from dangers like hitting something, or falling
  • Enables interaction with real objects in the world

Perceiving other people

  • Reduces the claustrophobic effect of wearing an occluding headset
  • Brings non-verbal communication
  • Maintains equity amongst people thanks to a symmetrical relation

Additional finding about the usage value

During the various internal and external events where the “concept experience” has been showcased, the team crowd-sourced many use cases from the people who they discussed with. This oriented the project to focus on a consumer hard good retail scenario where the visitor plays the role of a potential bike buyer in a store, and the presenter acts as a retailer proposing various bike options.


We are proud to have been selected at the three major VR events worldwide where we got invited to showcase “Never Blind in VR”

IEEE VR 2015 scientific call for research demo:

Laval Virtual 2015 ReVolution contest:

Siggraph 2015 Immersive Realities (AR/VR) contest:

Lessons and Perspectives: Keep-on Open Innovation

Having shared the project at its earliest stage on social networks and during events in a very open way, we learnt that the more we share, the more we create traction and positive value: application ideas, technology and UX perspectives, press articles and awards. This led us to be convinced that we should open even more our findings and stimulate the adoption of such innovative experience for 3DS customers. Indeed, 3DS customers have the 3D models of the goods they design, manufacture and eventually sell, so the path to new experiences like this one is quite straightforward.

Feedbacks on Social Networks...

Interesting ideas, well done! Maybe we can share some thoughts on this topic...?!

Jens Dehlke Audi Production Lab - on LinkedIn

"This is really great. Will you be sharing any of the code?"

James Corbett, Managing Director at Simvirtua

"This is just great as it enables proximity with people strongly touched by some lethal condition preventing from contagion through quarantined. Better than getting to see their loved ones through a window; how about applications for the so called "bébé bulles"?"

Alice Desprès, Implementation Officer at Burgundy University

"My son Thomas loves this, he wants this in Minecraft."

Bjarke E. Rollmann

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