The Horse Riding 3DEXPERIENCE

Dassault Systèmes, in partnership with Eurosport and Hermès, has applied its 3D technology and know-how to equestrian sport to give TV viewers remarkable new insights into showjumping and how it works.

For the Saut Hermès event at the Grand Palais in Paris, March 14 to 16, which is shown live on Eurosport, 3DS engineers and international showjumper Michel Robert have teamed up to devise a new kind of 3DEXPERIENCE for television. This application uses the power of real-time interactive technology and 3D visualization to explain the many subtleties of horse jumping to viewers. As well as providing new insight for specialists in the world of equestrian sport, the experience is also designed to broaden the sport's appeal and audience by making it easier to understand, thanks to live expert commentary by Michel Robert as he works with the application.

The Grand Palais and the two main courses of the competition — the Saut Hermès and the Grand Prix Hermès — have been modeled in 3D. Using a touchless device and interacting with different camera views, Michel Robert guides a virtual rider and horse through the 3D environment to demonstrate the route of each course. Some features, such as zoom, rotation and free movement along the track, will be used to explain the main difficulties of each obstacle and detail the strategic options available to make the best run, including the number of strides the horse must take between jumps and the lines the rider must take to save time.

3DS solutions are widely used in design and manufacture by industry around the world, including aerospace and automotive companies, consumer goods and life sciences as well as in the sports industry by players such as Adidas, Mammut, Under Armour, Haglofs, Athleta (The Gap), Quiksilver, Trek Bikes, Burton Snowboards, Mountain Cycle or even bobsled bronze medal winner in Sochi Olympics 2014. Sports equipment is becoming increasingly complex and must meet ever more stringent performance, endurance and comfort requirements. As a result, virtual simulation and digital prototyping technologies are an essential part of the innovation process today.

Michel Robert to discover 3DS technologies (report video)
The horse riding 3DEXPERIENCE (teaser video)