How can technology shape the future?

Transforming Human Experience through Innovation and Collaboration

Advances in technology can create unlimited paths to shape the future. At Dassault Systèmes, knowing that there are innovative people out there with game-changing ideas, we offer our 3DEXPERIENCE platform as a means for them to bring their dreams to life.

Transformations are taking place in nearly every industry. In conjunction with the BBC Advertising Commercial Production team and CNBC Creative Solutions, we have newly explored different stories that ask "what’s next?". While the topics are distinct – from enhanced technology in automobiles changing how we get around to renewable energy to new ways doctors can see inside our bodies -- they contain an underlying theme of how innovative 3DEXPERIENCES can impact humankind.

Check out a preview of the series then explore each segment to see a series of videos, infographics and news articles on each topic area.

How do companies inspire ideas and drive sustainable innovations? 

If companies connect the right people with the right data, what can they achieve?

Come explore...

What’s Next in the Internet of Things?

The Future of Energy

The Future of Connected Cars

The Future of Finance

The Future of Retail

Exploring the Living Heart

Imagining a More Sustainable City

Performance Footwear Transforms Athletes

Clean Skies

Will your virtual twin save your life one day?