Agency Wizardry

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Experience the power of Agency Wizardry with these interactive infographics

Listen, monitor and act to drive faster decision making

Dassault Systèmes Agency Wizardry Industry Solution Experience for advertising, social, media, and PR agencies empowers organizations to improve efficiencies and drive faster decision making. With  its 4 wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets, and Events, this intelligent media dashboard solution lets you listen, analyze, and act on content and data in real-time, to differentiate your agency and meet your customers’ needs.

Wizard Benefits

Topic Wizard

Know the latest buzz – Monitor any topic/keyword so you know where it’s mentioned, by whom and where. Identify key influencers and media opportunities. Drag-and-compare any data to explore trends and correlations.

Market Wizard

Be ahead of the market – Analyze and compare everything online related to your industry or market – including stock prices, industry trends, market research and internal data.

Event Wizard

Measure the online conversation before, during and after an event to discover key trends and understand the impact. What are the most popular topics and what is being said? Who are the top speakers and sessions?  

Brand Wizard

Outsmart the competition – Track your brand mentions everywhere - social media, news, blogs, forums. Drill down to measure sentiment - see what is really being said. Analyze and compare everything, including internal KPIs.