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SOLIDWORKS Cloud is a browser-based 3D Design and lifecycle management solution for product developers, mechanical designers and engineers.

  • Easily create conceptual and detailed designs for components and assemblies of any complexity using flexible design workflows and built-in intelligence.
  • Build complex models for a broad range of industries with ease, using specialized capabilities for sheet metal, cast parts and weldments, surfacing, and more.
  • Create photorealistic product renders and 360 degree turntable animations directly from the design reference.

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Included in this subscription

  • 3D Creator
  • 3D Sculptor
  • 3D SheetMetal Creator





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15 Day Money Back Policy

What features are included in this cloud-based CAD offer?

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All the CAD solutions you need to kickstart your projects and streamline your work.

3D Creator

3D parametric design for individual part creation and mechanical assemblies

3D Sculptor

Freeform surface modeling capabilities to make organic and aesthetic designs

3D SheetMetal Creator

Create production-ready sheet metal designs.

3D Structure Creator

Structure and frame design.

Manufacturing Definition Creator

3D models design specifications and 2D drawings generator.


Generate 2D drawings from 3D models.

3D Render

Create photorealistic renderings of your products.

Cloud-based integration for design manufacturing with the online CAD software 

An all-in-one offer to fill-in all the roles of product development process

  • Parametric 3D solid and surface modeling, assembly modeling and more.
  • Sculpt a freeform shape to design components for visual aesthetics, ergonomics, and function.
  • Create accurate, detailed sheet metal designs that are ready for manufacturing.
  • Design for manufacturability checks reduces time and cost of production.
  • Design assistant cuts repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence.
  • Quickly generate drawings from your 3D parts and assemblies.
  • Easily create and share photorealistic renderings of your product to promote design and deliver stunning content.


SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer facilitates designers in expediting and enhancing informed decision-making throughout the product development process.

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