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Guide Team Collaboration and Improve Performance with DELMIA 3DLean

Find new ways to innovate by bringing people together in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and problem solving – regardless of where or how they work.

Lean Team Player

Digitalize Lean Practices to capture, monitor, and track operational meetings across organizational barriers

DELMIA® 3DLean provides the framework to guide collaboration and improve team performance, enabling all team members to explore new ways to solve problems and improve operational issues with the ability to visualize rich 3Dcontent and data.

Anchored in the principles of Lean Manufacturing - customer first, where people are the most important value, and the drive for operational agility and continuous improvement – this innovative solution, via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables teams to address operational waste, variability and efficiency.

Transform the way you and your teams work

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Build better team relationships despite physical or organizational barriers

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Visualize 3D content and data with a digital Lean framework



Make "Lean thinking" a standard part of business, teams and culture

DELMIA 3D Lean Benefits

DELMIA 3DLean Benefits | Dassault Systèmes
  • Guide team collaboration and manage actions to improve performance.
  • Enable teams to formalize the management of issues using rich content and problem-solving structures.
  • Capitalize on company knowledge by leveraging virtual models, process and resources to develop plans for improvement.
  • Convert Lean principles into actions to address operational waste, variability and efficiency.

Discover how to guide team engagement for effective collaboration


DELMIA 3DLean puts Lean principles into action to address operational waste, variability and efficiency by engaging the next generation workforce regardless of where or how they work.

How Lean are you in a hybrid work environment?

Lean principles are a proven driver of manufacturing improvement and can also provide value across other industries and disciplines. However, adopting lean can be a challenge – especially in today's hybrid work environments.

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