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Funktionerna för socialt samarbete, företagshantering och kontroller i 3DEXPERIENCE-plattformen kan användas som stöd för processer med verktygen i V5-6R2016.

User Companion for CATIA Sheetmetal (SMS)
Design of a sheet metal part using associative feature-based modeling.
Product Overview
Product Highlights

Product Overview

This course will teach you how to design a sheet metal part using associative feature-based modeling. Standard and user-defined stamped features can be integrated into the design and the resulting flat pattern is calculated in accordance with standard bend allowances or with company specific bend allowance tables.
Recommendations for sheet metal design and expert advice on how to best use the different workbench tools are provided throughout the course.
All theoretical concepts are illustrated with a minimum of 2 exercises per lesson.
User Companion for CATIA Sheetmetal pre-requisites User Companion for CATIA Mechanical Design (Getting Started with CATIA V5, Sketcher, Part Design).

Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive process coverage
  • Learning process reinforced with videos, simulations and quizzes
  • Ample exercise time
  • Contents updated at each release