ENOVIA V5-6R2018

ENOVIA VPLM помогает компаниям быстрее выводить на рынок больше инновационных продуктов посредством масштабируемого виртуального управления жизненным циклом сложных продуктов

ENOVIA 3d com
Provide single front-end to multiple information sources and applications for improving collaboration and decision support
DMU Solutions
V5 DMU enables digital product simulation, analysis and validation, improving product quality and accelerating decision making by providing real-time insight into real-world product performance.
ENOVIA V5 VPM helps engineers optimize and validate the product definition early in the development lifecycle by leveraging real-time knowledge of the cause and effect relationships impacting product quality, cost, performance and profitability.
CAA-RADE product portfolio provides the most complete set of tools, guides and APIs that supports the development process, from the initial product definition to the final product packaging.
Web-based Learning Solutions
CATIA Version 5 Web-based Learning Solutions (WLS) is an easy-to-use learning and support system. It provides all the required information and training in one source for maximum assured productivity of the user community.