Manufacturing Managers

Manufacturing Managers

Managing the manufacturing process with a goal toward optimized global production operations efficiency

DELMIA Process and Resource Editor

Manufacturing Process and Resource Project Administration for Managers

DELMIA Process & Resource Editor (PRE) gives project managers and project assistants an easy-to-use tool for creating and managing the product, process, and resource (PPR) structure for a project or a program. Guided by an intuitive user interface, users can establish the PPR structure and make connections among the process, the resource, manufacturing systems, and products and attach supporting documents. Downstream stakeholders can use this structure for process planning and detailing. Project managers and other stakeholders all over the enterprise can use PRE throughout the planning cycle to monitor the progress of the project.

  • A Version 6 solution for project managers and administrators
  • A fast path to user proficiency
  • Easy organization of supporting documentation
  • Easy organization of project data and project work
  • PPR structure authoring
    The PPR structure can be created and managed with PRE’s simplified user interface. In addition to manufacturing processes, PRE supports the physical resources (such as machines and equipment) and the project’s logical resources (such as manufacturing systems and their related operations).
  • High-level relationship authoring: defining the product’s scope
    Project managers can define the relationships of product to process; process to manufacturing system; and manufacturing system to resource. These relationships help a project manager limit scope: what part of a product will be included in a process, which processes will be included in a manufacturing system, and which manufacturing system will be executed by which set of resources. This lets the project manager constrain the scope of process, manufacturing system, and resource coverage for planners.
  • Leveraging PPR objects from the V6 Catalog
    When companies work with V6 to create and manage manufacturing processes, they can capture intellectual property by saving PPR objects in the Version 6 Catalog. This allows enterprises to establish standards and leverage know-how. PRE users have access to the V6 Catalog and can instantiate PPR objects as they create and manage the PPR structure.
  • Attaching Support Documents to PPR objects
    PRE allows users to attach supporting documents (such as Microsoft Word or Excel documents and PDF files) to PPR objects for easy and secure access by stakeholders across the enterprise.
  • Classifying PPR objects in project breakdown structure (PBS) folders
    PPR structures can easily get big and complex, making it difficult for users to locate data. PPR objects can be organized in folders for ready access by stakeholders, eliminating the need to navigate the PPR tree structure to find the data they need. Note: Use of this function requires a license for ENOVIA Program Experience (PGE).
  • Linking PPR objects to a work breakdown structure task
    The work breakdown structure (WBS) is created using ENOVIA Program Central (PRG). It defines the business process for the project—the tasks that need to be done to complete the project. PRE enables users to define PPR objects for WBS tasks as deliverables. Note: Use of this function requires a license for ENOVIA Program Experience (PGE).
  • Easy access to planning details as plans mature
    As process planners add detail to the process plans using DELMIA Process Planning (PPG) or DELMIA Resource Planning (RPG), users of PRE can access and view these details and PPR relationships with simple browsing capabilities.