CATIA V5-6R поднимает искусство проектирования на новый уровень

В этом выпуске преимущества платформы 3DEXPERIENCE объединились с возможностями V5-6R.


Взаимодействие в социальных сетях, управление предприятием и информационные панели платформы 3DEXPERIENCE теперь можно использовать для сопровождения процессов в комбинации с инструментами V5-6R.

Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT)
Capture, capitalise, transform and automate a company?s current business processes to develop vertical applications and dedicated workbenches using CATIA V5.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

The CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template solution first allows companies to model any of their best practices and know how. It's done in a simple and intuitive way, without coding. From complex conceptual studies in the automotive to airframe structure generation for instance, an expert is able to capture, model, automate design and engineering tasks, embed core-knowledge rules and checks within those tasks...In a second step, the captured best practices are delivered within the enterprise through a customized V5 pseudo-application including all the required features and process knowledge.

The CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template solution takes advantage of the wide range of products in the CATIA V5 portfolio and leverages their capabilities in a powerful process-driven way. End-users have access to these high level V5 pseudo-applications in the same way as the have access to any CATIA V5 products. Users can create products while following a pre-defined methodology derived from the enterprise's best practices as captured by the experts.
Guided by skilled rules and checks, free from time-consuming, repetitive design tasks, and benefiting from knowledge-driven task automation, users can then unleash their creativity and focus on innovation.

The company increases considerably its competitiveness by providing better products and reducing costs.

The Business Process Knowledge Template solution is divided into a buildtime product, CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT), and a runtime solution, CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template 2 (BK2).
With the CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Definition 3 (KD3) configuration find in one seat all the power of the CATIA V5 KnowledgeWare Solutions !

Product Highlights

  • Captures business processes and best practices.
  • Automates design and engineering tasks.
  • Generates design assistants in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Deploys best practices and know how in an easy to reuse way.
  • Accelerates and secures design process time.

Product Key Customer Benefits

Captures business processes and best practices...

Create a design assistant supposes that, beforehand, the company's processes and best practices have been formally identified. By using CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT), an expert can capture and capitalize this knowledge, packing and combining the enterprise's processes and best practices inside a pseudo-application. In order to ensure a global process coverage, these applications can be enriched by several experts, coming from different disciplines.

This knowledge capture is easily made in the CATIA environment through its intuitive interface and without coding.

Thus, formerly complex implicit design processes and practices are made explicit, therefore easily understandable, reusable and sharable.

Automates design and engineering tasks...

From the processes and practices identified, the expert organizes the different design tasks and creates tasks sequences. All the CATIA products functionalities can be inserted and reused in a design sequence as a result of the V5 powerful knowledge-based architecture.
The created tasks and the entire sequences can be automated. Time-consuming, complex or repetitive sequences, for example, can then be run automatically. Of course, if needed, users can also perform these sequences manually, task by task.

For example, in the automotive field the crankshaft design successively uses repetitive geometry generation based on parameters, balance and section computations. The whole forming an iterative loop on which the designer chooses the intervals to explore. Using CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT), all the loop can be automated and optimized after.

The resulting added value is of course the dramatic design time reduction that knowledge-driven automation enables. Products are developed more quickly and in a surer way. The designers can test more design alternatives in less time.

Generates design environment in a simple and intuitive way...

The creation of a pseudo-applications with CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT) benefits of all the CATIA V5 functionalities. An expert can use, without programming, the different building boxes provided by V5 portfolio products and combine them altogether.
The result of this building process is a customized V5 pseudo-application workbench generation, totally and seamlessly integrated in the V5 environment ! Finally, the end user benefits from the CATIA V5 products and generated pseudo-applications synergy as a result of the global knowledge integration and consistent look&feel.

Deploys best practices and know-how in an easy to reuse way...

The pseudo-applications created with CATIA - Business Process Knowledge Template 3 (BKT) benefit from the easy to use and intuitive CATIA V5 interface. They embody the deployment of the enterprise knowledge and know-how within the V5 frame and consistency with all other V5 portfolio applications.

Completing the other V5 installed products, these high added value "design assistants" can be defined and used according to the skill of each users. Thus, even inexperienced designers can use them to learn the company's know-how and best practices.

Accelerates and secures design process time...

Finally, the end-user has access, in a V5 environment, to one, or several, specific pseudo-applications, each embodying specific best practices. Designers are driven and guided throughout the conception work, while being confident in design consistency and time gain thanks to knowledge-driven automation. This leads to better design quality, increased products innovation and real strengthening of the company competitiveness.