CATIA V5-6R2016 поднимает искусство проектирования на новый уровень

В этом выпуске преимущества платформы 3DEXPERIENCE объединились с возможностями V5-6R2016.


Взаимодействие в социальных сетях, управление предприятием и информационные панели платформы 3DEXPERIENCE теперь можно использовать для сопровождения процессов в комбинации с инструментами V5-6R2016.

DELMIA - DPM Process & Resource Definition 2 (PRP)
DELMIA DPM Product and Resource Definition provides tools for authoring process and resource data, assigning product and resource data, and defining and verifying assembly sequences.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA DPM Product and Resource Definition provides tools to allow process planners to author process and resource data, author process plan and product and resource assignment, and to define and verify assembly sequences.

DELMIA DPM Product and Resource Definition is used in all manufacturing domains to author process and resource data. It offers various views on the process data including Gantt charts and Pert charts. State and position management provides the capability to verify product and resource positions in the context of process sequences. The impact of product modifications on the process plan can be observed with tools such as Modification Tables or the Compare tool.

Product Highlights

DELMIA Product and Resource Definition allows process planners to create activities, resources, manufacturing assemblies, and manufacturing kits for use in process plans. It allows process planners to assign products and resources to activities and define positions for parts and resources in respect to activities.

The Manufacturing Hub toolbar allows various commands to load and save data in the Manufacturing Hub.

Gantt chart and Pert charts can be used to view the process plan in a time and sequence format.

Modification Table and Compare Tools offer impact management for product changes and comparison between different alternative process and resource plans.

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Assists users planning manufacturing assemblies to describe process input and output
  • GANTT chart shows the process plan in a time based view and it demonstrates:
    • Control Flow Relations
    • Precedence Constraints
    • Constraints between cycles
    • Associated resources
    • Begin time, duration, and end time
  • Gantt Chart has an improved user interface, and some added functions which improves the usability of the Gantt Chart.
  • PERT chart shows the process plan in a sequence based view based on the Control Flow
  • Precedence viewer shows the process plan in a sequence based view based on the Precedence Constraints
  • MBOM viewer shows the resulting Manufacturing BOM based on input and output of the process plan or resource behavior.
  • Modification Table can be used to view modifications between different product drops like new, modified, and deleted parts and fasteners. Impacted activities can be identified for modified and deleted parts and fasteners.
  • Compare Tool allows the comparison of process, product and resource data. It shows differences based on attribute or assignment modifications.
  • State and position management can be used to author positions of products, resources, and Manufacturing Assemblies in context of a process. These positions can be applied during process verification to verify the assembly sequence in 3D.
  • Manufacturing Hub toolbar offers several commands to load data from and save data to Manufacturing Hub.