CATIA V5-6R поднимает искусство проектирования на новый уровень

В этом выпуске преимущества платформы 3DEXPERIENCE объединились с возможностями V5-6R.


Взаимодействие в социальных сетях, управление предприятием и информационные панели платформы 3DEXPERIENCE теперь можно использовать для сопровождения процессов в комбинации с инструментами V5-6R.

CAA - Data Model Customizer (DMC)
CAA - Data Model Customizer (DMC) helps C++ business analyst and S/W architect to leverage the design critical phase of ENOVIA V5 LCA modeling.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CAA - Data Model Customizer (DMC) provides design-modeling tools for customizing or extending modeling objects in ENOVIA V5 LCA. Database administrators can create and extend objects from different ENOVIA modelers. Operating in a standard and productive graphical environment thanks to best-in-class UML industry standard design modeling tool.
As a result, C++ developers can easily embed company knowledge into ENOVIA V5 LCA.

CAA - Data Model Customizer (DMC) capabilities and commands access are provided through IBM Rational Software Modeler (RSM) v7.

This product relies upon IBM Rational Software Modeler (RSM) v7 product from IBM Rational Software Corporation that must be purchased separately.

Product Highlights

  • Leverage existing ENOVIA LCA V5 modelers to match customer specific needs
  • ENOVIA modeling object optimized DB publication capability
  • Windows XP support for build-time
  • PPR Gateway schema definition from UML model
  • PPR Gateway schemas definition from ENOVIA LCA metadata
  • Integration in DMC of tool for packaging customization for deployment on LCA server

Product Key Customer Benefits

Leverage existing ENOVIA LCA V5 modelers to match customer specific needs
Delivers breakthrough visual modeling capabilities thanks to the industry standard Unified Modeling Language (UML) version of IBM Rational Software Modeler (RSM) v7?.
ENOVIA product definition modeler, document management modeler, ECO & ECR modeler can be easily extended through their object model. Revised object model can includes needed customer company data.
With this modeling tool, customers can also create their own data for ENOVIA LCA V5.

ENOVIA Modeling object optimized DB publication capability
From the resulting metadata, Modeling Object optimized publication capabilities generates the new ENOVIA environment on UNIX. SQL orders generation and execution on UNIX are done in one shot. Tasks, which took hours to complete, can now be achieve in minutes.

Fast and safe integration of custom ENOVIA Modeling objects in their production environment.
Once the customization is done, a simple command launch takes control of the custom data and manages to integrate them in the production environment.