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The United Nations agenda for Sustainable Development, urges for a global and strong commitment to protect the planet against our disrupting footprint and act on climate change. This global and huge challenge will request all the greatest efforts of the countries to improve their environmental protection and achieve sustainable development objectives by 2030.

This will imply to include sustainable development measures as an underlying principle of public policies for all the development pillars of a country: economy, mobility, education, industry, health…

National Sustainable development strategies will request a strong national ownership and political commitment, as well as a long term and pervasive action allowing integrating economic, social and environmental objectives within territories and generations.

The effectiveness of this strategy will rely on a real collaboration capacity, efficient partnerships set-up and the ability to implement efficient and impactful public policies with the public and private stackeholders.

Adopt the Strategy

Achieving a more sustainable future is only possible by leveraging the virtual world. At Dassault Systèmes, our purpose is to harmonize product, nature and life for a more sustainable world. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual universes, we can model, simulate and evaluate the impacts of any decision before applying it.

The virtual experience twin is a real scientific and industrial asset that allows public stakeholders, as well as the wider innovation community, to understand the present, collaborate and simulate all possible scenarios for the future, analyze their impact and decide for the best all in the virtual world before deploying in the real world.

Tomorrow's sustainable cities


The race to make cities sustainable and citizen-focused is accelerating. This episode explores how science and technology can help cities boost their attractivity, resilience, and innovation in the face of growing challenges – environmental, natural disasters, mobility, public health and safety.

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