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The 16th Sustainable Development Goal “Peace, Justice & Inclusive Societies” highlights the importance of a peaceful society and accountable institutions in order to ease the economic development of a nation. 

This goal is valid for both developing nations, where violence, corruption and injustice are hindering the country, and for developed countries where security, poverty eradication, inequality reduction and boosting inclusion are key leitmotivs. (1)

Adopt the Strategy

Achieving such an ambitious and complex objective supposes for governments and public stakeholders to work together in order to:

  • Deploy a global cooperation framework, based on cooperation and information sharing between countries on cross-borders challenges.
  • Put in place efficient cross-sectorial and cross silos collaboration, to efficiently address the highly interconnected topics related to security and safety.
  • Develop public-private partnerships (for i.e: on data gathering), as well as real time collaboration between national and local governments to ensure long-term initiatives and solutions.
  • Secure and manage efficiently the available data: public and private, structured or unstructured, coming from different sources.
  • Ensure transparency, trust-worthy and clear communication to and with the citizen during the entire cycle of decision-making to get their trust, engagement and adhesion.
  • Provide a Monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency of public policies, including public funds usage with reliable and clear indicators.
  • Invest on Science and Technology evolving capacities to benefit from their progressing capabilities, as well as human resources, able to protect and trained to respect the fundamental rights of the populations.
  • Engage on a long-term basis for the society, investing on the education of future generations with soft skills enabling them to collaborate, develop their critical sense, openness, and conflict resolution skills.

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